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  Handcrafted rustic driftwood mirrors. (New mirrors available shortly)

The range of mirrors is changing all the time and I will do my best to keep the pages updated as often as possible. Please contact if you
are interested in commissions. Several new mirrors should be available from late Spring / early Summer 2012

Handcrafted from weathered Solway Firth driftwood, collected near the artist's formerhome, driftwood mirrors can
make a beautiful addition to any room and are kept as natural and simple as possible, leaving the original look and feel
of the wood wherever possible. Driftwood clocks and wall sconces are planned additions by the Autumn of 2011.

All mirrors are supplied ready to hang and with tealights.

Driftwood mirrors can particularly enhance a feature fireplace



Mirror DW001


Mirror DW002
Mirror DW003
35" x 29"

Mirror DW004
12" x 14"

Mirror DW005
Mirror DW006
Mirror DW007
21" x 14"
Mirror DW008
25" x 23"

Mirror DW009
47" x 21"



Mirror DW010
41" x 21"


Mirror DW011
50" x 32"
Artists honesty! - The mirror is cracked in the bottom corner but is securely taped up with heavy duty tape, covered on the reverse by securely fixed hardboard and is not even visible. It is not detrimental to the mirror in any way. Would have been £150.