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I started creating music from about the age of 11, inspired by the music of the new romantic movement, together
with the present of my first ever keyboard, a bright orange bontempi reed organ! this allowed experimentation of
tunes that were only really suitable for a downbeat communist march on solemn occasions, of which I produced lots!

However limited the bontempi was, keyboards became a great fascination for me from then on, my next being a
stunning wee yamaha in it's own carry case and with metallic, dodgy rythms but I loved it!

Musical dabblings with friends produced dodgy initial songs under the cringeworthy name of sonic sound but the
songs adequately reflected the tackiness of the name.

My first guitar, a fender squier bullet at the age of 15 allowed new and improved opportunities for household
noise pollution and by this time I was experimenting with new keyboards like the casio VL1 and heath robinson
double tracking with a couple of stereos with microphones placed in front of the speakers.

I furiously produced cassettes (remember them?) one after the other, the first instrumentals then moving on to
first tentative mutterings. Some early songs, though considering most to be embarrassing have, unbelievably
survived to be reworked to this day.

I finally progressed to the wonders of 4 track recording with an Amstrad which was a whole different world, though
I quickly realised that happy songs were never really going to be the order of the day as I could only write in
certain emotional states, though nowadays I seem to be able to regress back to any time to write.

I bought a second hand Roland D110 sound module and a Korg DW6000 keyboard, together with more guitars,
which was a whole new musical world and though study and general life got in the way for a while, in 1999 produced
a CD no less which was the first I would worryingly allow the (selected) world to hear - Beachcombing, recorded
in an isolated Borders cottage with the help of a multitude of homemade wines...........

And that for me seemed that, like the idea of wanting to be a professional football player, the chance to produce
more had passed me by.....but of course music is ageless and in 2009, after discovering the wonder that is cubase
and seriously upgrading some gear, I started 'Lunar' CD, as much to prove to myself that I could produce something
half decent. It was only meant to be 4 tracks or so but quickly evolved in 10 tracks with lots and lots of teething
problems with both me and the equipment. 'Forest Fires' quickly followed in 2010/11 and with the purchase of a
lovely new USB condenser mic and plans to move the 2m x 1m studio to the loft for more space am already ready
and waiting to start on the third CD 'No two sunsets are the same' especially after the inspiration of having 'No one'
played on Jim Gellatly's show on Amazing radio and 'performing' on the open mic stage at Solfest for two nights.

Sweeping harmonic keyboards, ringing guitars, harmonic vocals and soaring choruses have always grabbed my heart,
in the early days, the music of Kim Wilde was a major influence, even now I try to recreate some of the fabulous
keyboard sounds from the Moog, alpha juno, dx7 and other classic synths. More recently, radiohead and moby have
been my faves in terms of musical sound and the ability to tug at the emotions but I love such a lot of music from
different genres that you can get inspiration from even a little bit of anything.

As far as ambitions are concerned, I have no great burning ones, apart from maybe performing my music with others,
yes a wee band would be nice and would love to play some smaller festivals. Being accompanied by violin at Solfest
was fantastic and I think I want more!

30 second (or so) clips of music - full versions at the links at the top of the page.

Forest Fires (2011)

Cover Story
No One
Guardian Angel
Ever Clouded Skies
Forest Fires
Comfort Me

In Winter

Lunar (2009)

Hurts Like Hell
Wake Up
Tonight and Today
Calm Before the Storm
Till Tomorrow
You Don't Know Everything
Let's Run Away

Beachcombing (1999)

Forest Fires
Anyone Like You
Outcast Somewhere
Twilight (different version)
Comfort Me
In Winter

Aurora (1996) Soundtrack

The Storm (1996) Soundtrack

The following tracks I would love to broadcast here, unfortunately a court order regarding quality
and taste forbids it.

Someday (1993) under dodgy name of 'Charm Garlands'

Someday (became till tomorrow)
Let's Run Away
Don't Make Me Sad

Southend (1992)

Today and Tomorrow
No More
The Taking
April 14th
Depths of Our Despair

Dreams and Fears (1990)

Within Two Days