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Living willow structures & rustic crafts

Willow provides a fast growing, flexible material which is perfect for creating living structures to enhance any area

Living structures can be created between November and April, depending on the weather and can be woven in to
create a thicker structure year by year as the stems grow.

*** If your enquiry is from Ayrshire, please visit and contact wwweastayrshirewoodlands.co.uk
in the first instance ***

Below are examples of work. Please contact about prices and for any other enquiries.




Woodland 'Elfin' dome

As a final project for the 2012/13 season, I decided to do a tightly woven wee dome in our woodland, completed with a woven roof & a small cleft door to be added






Wigwam Arbour, small size, designed for a small carved, 2 person seat, which will be installed after  
Woven stag sculpture (Private garden but visible to public)



2.5m Woven Wigwam & 40 metre woven fence (School)




Woven dome, tunnel & dividing fence (School)

Woven tunnel for chair access (School)


Woven dome, outer fence & archways, tunnel & renovation of old structure (School)

Woven entrance dome & carved hardwood seat (Community Woodland)

Woven bird hide & hazel uprights (School)

Woven dome & 2 tunnels (School)



7' high "Holly King" woven willow figure sculpture (Private garden but visible to public)


Woven dome with central pole & 2 tight weaves (Private garden but visible to public)  
Woven bower dome & tunnel (School)
Willow castle dome, outer fencing & archways (School)
Gothic tunnel and entrance archways (Private garden)

Spiders web fort frontage (Private garden but visible to public)

Woven willow 'flower basket' dome, with archways & woven hurdle sides (Private Garden)


Living willow dome with wide wheelchair access (School grounds)


Living willow 'fort' facade with tunnel entrances (School grounds)


Weaving in of old willow structure (School - original structure done by someone else) BEFORE


Weaving in of old willow structure (School - original structure done by someone else) AFTER


Front cleft gate, poplar with hazel post
Back cleft gate, all hazel
Cleft fencing, mainly poplar with some hazel & alder
Picnic bench, elm slices, spruce posts

Woven willow wreath bases

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Woven willow tree decorations

Living willow candle torches

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Local Charcoal

Locally produced in rural Lanarkshire in a traditional small kiln

Available as a 1 BBQ size small bag, or larger bag

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Artist's Charcoal

Produced from smaller diameter dried willow, excellent quality & smudges well.

Available in several sizes.

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Chardust (Horticultural charcoal)

Produced within charcoal burning. An excellent soil conditioner & improver

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Bushcraft Tinder

All natural, dried, foraged materials, perfect for bushcraft firelighting

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Sprayed Pine Cones (pack of 10)

*** Please contact before ordering more than 4 sets of pine cones as stocks are limited ***


Willow and florist crafts